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What Everyone Needs To Know About Nilgiri Tea

There are several types when it comes to tea which are very popular across the world. Tea has been cultivated since 18th century and it's plantations spread around the globe including India because of their high demand. There are many types teas in India, like Darjeeling tea, Nilgiri tea, Assam tea, etc., Which are very famous. The Darjeeling tea is mostly found in the north Bengal while Assam blend is found in northeast India and Nilgiri tea is found mostly in South India. Remember each blend has its own customers. In this post, we are going to talk about Nilgiri tea.

Nilgiri Tea Online

The name Nilgiri generally refers to the plantation region of the same- Nilgiri. Situated in the Southwestern of India, the area belongs to dense forest and sweeping grassland. These days there are 60000 plus acre of its cultivation and the area is known as the producers of the rare tea in which leaves will be harvested in the certain weather.

Why do you have Nilgiri tea?

Remember having Nilgiri tea has several benefits. For example- those who find yourself bloated or with acid reflux often, then having a cup of this tea after each meal will help you having a relieved stomach. In addition to this, Nilgiri is very rich in flavonoids that helps you improve blood flow, strengthen your circulatory system and heart. This tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine that relaxes your mind.

Key health benefits of Nilgiri tea:

  1. Help you in loosing weight
  2. Reduces LDL Cholestero
  3. Reduces the risk of heart attacks
  4. Fights diabetes
  5. Increase your immune system
  6. Bust your stress with Nilgiri tea
  7. Makes you look young by controlling your aging
The Nilgiri region is available with many flavours and aroma including Moroccan mint, chamomile green, tulsi organic billimalai virgin green, cinnamon green, chamrajNilgiri white, Glendale Nilgiri oolong, etc.  Nilgiri tea is very dark as well as has intense flavour and aroma.

How to make a cup of Nilgiri tea for yourself?

When making Nilgiri tea, you need to pick a big round teapot so that the tea leaves can open up and have plenty of space to swirl and brew in the proper manner. Now pre-heat your teapot and cup by filling them with hot water until they feel warm and later discard the water. After that place one teaspoon of loose leaf Nilgiri tea per cub of water.  Now heat water to boiling point and pour into the teapot. Ensure to use good quality water because chemicals may ruin the flavor of tea. You need to set a timer for 3 to 5 mins to allow the tea brew. Keep in mind that the longer the tea brews, the stronger it will taste. Thus adjusting brewing time according to you taste. Now pour into your cup and enjoy.

These days you can buy Nilgiri tea online as many online stores are providing a variety of tea blend in very affordable prices. But make sure you are buying from a reliable and popular store.

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